Tizen Beta (pre-1.0) Release Notes

Tizen is a full stack mobile operating system for mobile devices. It is specifically designed for productizing smartphones and tablet devices.

Compared to the alpha release, the beta release provides significant improvement on the development environment. With the improved Tizen SDK and builds, developers can run the SDK on Windows as well as on Ubuntu, and they are provided with more efficient ways to manage their projects and code.


Tizen Web service provides a complete implementation of the Tizen Web API optimized for mobile devices. It includes WebKit, a layout engine designed to enable web browsers to render web pages. It also provides a runtime for web applications. For the beta release, its features include:

  • Web UI service support based on JQuery Mobile 1.0

    • Rich and optimized Tizen widgets
    • Tizen UI theme support
    • Localization support
    • Web application templates
  • W3C/HTML5 specifications support
    • CSS3 Flexible Box Layout (Partial)
    • Fullscreen API (with webkit prefix)
    • Browser online state
    • URI scheme (tel:, sms:, mmsto:, mailto:)
  • Khronos specifications support
    • WebGL
  • W3C widget specifications support
    • Packaging and Configuration, Widget Access Request Policy, Digital Signing, Widget Interface
  • Tizen Web API
    • New addition: Alarm, FileSystem, LBS, Map, MediaContent, POI, and Route APIs

Graphics & UI

Tizen Graphics & UI service provides a running environment and libraries to applications using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This release includes the following new features:

  • 3D graphics

    • Support for OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 in both hardware-based (on GPU), and software-based (on OSMesa (Offscreen Mesa)) library
  • Input Service Framework (ISF) based on SCIM 1.4.7 (open source)
    • Keyboard engine for supporting hardware-based keyboards, such as a Bluetooth Keyboard


Tizen Multimedia service provides features for playing and manipulation of video, audio, images, and VoIP. It also provides content management for media file metadata. In this release, the following feature has been added:

  • OpenMAX IL Support


Tizen Location service provides location-based services (LBS), including position information, geocoding, satellite information, and GPS status. It is based on GeoClue, which delivers location information from various positioning sources such as GPS, WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System), Cell ID, and sensors. This release includes these new features:

  • Extension for last know position with Coordinate, Velocity, Satellite, and NMEA features

    • Coordinate: timestamp, latitude, longitude, altitude, and accuracy
    • Velocity: timestamp, speed, direction, and climb
    • Satellite: The number of satellites in view; PRN (Pseudo-Random Noise) code, elevation, and azimuth of the satellites used
    • NMEA sentences


Tizen Connectivity service consists of all network and connectivity related functionalities, such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HTTP, and NFC (Near Field Communication). Data network is based on ConnMan open source project, which provides 3G and Wi-Fi based network connection management. This release includes the following new features:

  • Extension for Wi-Fi API information

    • BSSID, max data rate, channel frequency, and encryption mode
  • Bluez 4.98 version upgrade release and Obexd 0.44 initial release included
    • Bluetooth OOB pairing


Tizen Telephony service provides cellular and VoIP call functionality. In this release, support has been added for the following:

  • SIM authentication extension on IMS, GSM, and UMTS