The bmaptool

Bmaptool is a generic tool for creating the block map (bmap) for a file and copying files using the block map. The idea is that large files, like raw system image files, can be copied or flashed a lot faster and more reliably with bmaptool than with traditional tools, like "dd" or "cp".
Bmaptool is used in Tizen IVI for flashing system images to USB sticks and other block devices. Tizen Mobile does not use bmaptool and has its own flashing tools. Bmaptool can also be used for general image flashing purposes, for example, flashing Fedora Linux OS distribution images to USB sticks.
Tizen IVI images can be flashed using the "dd" tool, but bmaptool has a number of advantages.
  • Bmaptool flashes images a lot faster. Depending on various factors, like write speed, image size, how full is the image, and so on, bmaptool flashes Tizen IVI images 5-7 times faster than "dd".
  • Bmaptool verifies data integrity while flashing, which means that possible data corruptions will be noticed immediately.
  • Bmaptool can read images directly from the remote server, so users do not have to download images and save them locally.
  • Unlike "dd", if you make a mistake and specify a wrong block device name, bmaptool will less likely destroy your data because it has protection mechanisms which, for example, prevent bmaptool from writing to a mounted block device.
Bmaptool is provided by the "bmap-tools" package, which is available from the same place as tools like MIC or GBS, and can be installed the same way. Please, refer to the "installing development tools" section for more information about how to install Tizen tools.
The source code of the "bmap-tools" project is here: git:// (web view). The project maintainer is "Artem Bityutskiy <>". There is also a mailing list, please, see the "bmap-tools project" section.
Bmaptool documentation is structured into these sections:
  1. Introduction - explains important concepts like sparse files and raw images, introduces the block map (bmap) and its usage scenarios.
  2. Usage - provides the bmaptool usage reference.
  3. The bmap-tools project - provides additional information about the project.