MIC Image Creator

MIC is an image creator. It's used to create images for Tizen.  With the MIC tool, users can create images of different types for different verticals, including live CD images, live USB images, raw images for KVM, loop images for IVI platforms, and fs images for chrooting.  Also, users can chroot into an image using MIC's enhanced chroot command. Besides, MIC enables converting an image to another image format, a very useful function for those sensitive to image format. Before going into details of MIC, we recommend reading the Setup Development Environment pages. 

Installation or Upgrade

  • How to install or upgrade the tools

MIC Usage

  • Describes, in more detail, how to use MIC

Customize Image

  • How to modify the kickstart file to customize image


  • Frequently Asked Questions and known issues

Reporting Issues

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