How to customize image

This section will describle how to customize your image by updating the kickstart file. You can try to download a kickstart file and try to edit it. For example, download it from: 

Specify the repository

You can specify which repository should be used to create this package, including a local repository. For example:

repo --name=Tizen-main --baseurl= --save  --ssl_verify=no

repo --name=Tizen-base --baseurl= --save  --ssl_verify=no

repo --name=mylocal--baseurl=/loca/repo/path/ 

How to specify user/password to access repo

If the remote repository access requires a password, then you can specify user/passwdto for the repo in the ks file. For example:

repo --name=REPO-NAME --baseurl= --save  --ssl_verify=no

How to add / remove packages

You can specify the packages which you plan to install in the '%packages' section in the ks file. Packages can be specified by group/pattern or by individual package name. The definition of the groups/pattern can be referred to in the repodata/*comps.xml or repodata/pattern.xml file, which are released on the download server. For example: The %packages section is required to end with '%end'. Also, multiple '%packages' sections are allowed. Additionally, individual packages may be specified by using globs. For example:

 @Tizen Core            # add a group named Tizen Core, and all the packages in this group would be added
 e17-*                  # add all the packages with name starting with "e17-"
 kernel                 # add kernel package
 nss-server.armv7hl     # add nss-server with arch armv7hl
 -passwd                # remove the package passwd

Specify the post-scripts

You can specify post scripts which will be run after the image created in the ks file. For example:  %post

rpm -rebuilddb
For more info about kickstat, refer to: