The bmap-tools project

Bmaptool is part of the "bmap-tools" project. The corresponding "bmap-tools" package for various Linux distributions can be found here. The project is one of the Tizen development tools, just like MIC and GBS. The installation instruction are described in the "installing development tools" section.

The source code for the "bmap-tools" project is here: git:// (web view). The licence is GPLv2. The project maintainer is "Artem Bityutskiy <>".

The project mailing list is "". You do not have to subscribe to post there, but if you want to subscribe, use this web form. And here are the mailing list archives.

The signed project release tarballs are available here.

"Bmap-tools" is a python project and it requires python version 2.7 or higher. The project includes unit tests in the 'tests' sub-directory, which can be executed by running the 'nosetests' command.
The project is structured so that all the bmap creation and copying functionality is implemented in API modules, and bmaptool is just a small wrapper over the API modules:
  • - an API module which implements the block map creation functionality, used by bmaptool and by MIC
  • - an API module which implements the image copying functionality, used by bmaptool
  • - a python API to the "FIEMAP" Linux ioctl, used by
  • - an API module which implements transparent files reading, so that bmap tool may open and read files irrespective of whether they are local or remote, and whether they are compressed or not.

This makes it possible for other projects to use bmap. For example, MIC uses the "" module to implement the "--generate-bmap" option.

Find more information about the "bmap-tools" project in the projects README file.