Creating Tizen IVI Images Based on Specific Snapshot in One Page


This document provides information about how to manually create Tizen IVI images based on specific snapshot, including the following:

  • Cloning Tizen source
  • Preparing pre-builts binaries and build-config
  • Building all packages by using GBS
  • Creating images by using MIC

The snapshot below is taken as example throughout this document:

Cloning Tizen Source

Ensure the following before getting started:

  • Gerrit account is available and ready for use.
  • ~/.ssh/config is correctly configured, as shown below:
Port 29418
# ProxyCommand connect -S <proxy:port> %h %p
Host tizen
Port 29418
# ProxyCommand connect -S <proxy:port> %h %p

For detailed instructions for account registration and configuration, refer to:

Assuming Tizen IVI source directory is ~/tizen_ivi_src, to clone Tizen source that corresponds to the snapshot below, execute the following commands:

$ mkdir ~/tizen_ivi_src & cd ~/tizen_ivi_src
$ repo init -u tizen:scm/manifest -b tizen -m ivi.xml
$ wget -O .repo/manifests/ivi/projects.xml
$ repo sync -j 32 # sync code

Preparing pre-builts Binaries and build-config

To prepare pre-built binaries, execute the following commands:

$ cd ~/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built/toolchain-x86
$ ./tools/ -L . -R

To prepare build config, execute the following commands:

$ curl|gunzip >~/tizen_ivi_src/scm/meta/build-config/build.conf

Building All Packages by Using GBS

Reviewing GBS Config

Upon successful repo sync, a default .gbs.conf that is sufficient for GBS local full build will be copied to the top directory under ~/tizen_ivi_src/.

Building All Packages

Once all Tizen source code is downloaded and gbs.conf is correctly configured, next step is to build all source by using GBS:

$ nohup gbs build -A i586 --threads=4 --baselibs >build.log 2>&1 &
$ tail -f build.log

Upon successful local full build, the summary report can be seen in build.log file.

Creating Images by Using MIC

This section describes how to download and configure ks files, which then will be used to create images with MIC.

For more detailed information, refer to:

Downloading ks Files

Download specific ks files from:
$ cd ~/tizen_ivi_src/
$ wget

Updating ks Files

Update ks files based on the following diff content to remove remote repo and add local repo created by GBS and pre-builts repo:

-repo --name=ivi --baseurl=
+repo --name=local --baseurl=file:///$HOME/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/tizen3.0_ivi/i586 --priority=1
+repo --name=pre-built --baseurl=file:///$HOME/tizen_ivi_src/pre-built/toolchain-x86 --priority=2

Creating Tizen Images

To create Tizen images, execute the following commands:

$ cd ~/tizen_ivi_src/
$ time sudo mic cr auto tizen_20140703.2_ivi-mbr-i586.ks --tmpfs
INFO: Running command: bzip2 -f /var/tmp/mic/build/imgcreate-gHJ3Dt/tmp-2jcC9E/tizen_20140703.2_ivi-mbr-i586-201407020958-sdb.raw
INFO: Creating manifest file...
INFO: The new image can be found here:
INFO: Finished.
real 4m5.028s
user 3m28.720s
sys 0m18.140s

At this point, the Tizen images based on specific snapshot has been successfully created and ready for use.